Wall Hangings
Wall Hangings

'Old Glory' Bargello Mini-Quilt
by Shelley Senteney in
Crafting Traditions

My first Bargello project from
one of my quilting group's
programs.  (Size: 28x25)

September 2007

I have always loved the
Dresden Plate quilt block
but had never tried making one.  
Mom made a Dresden Plate wall
hanging using various shades of green for St. Patrick's Day that I loved.
When she suggested we make a Christmas wall hanging during my
visit, I thought it was a great idea.

This 23" square was the result!

September 2007

Sandia Glow
Designed by
Betty Ann Standiferd
(Bass Quilts)

I created this 23 x 26 wall
hanging from a kit I purchased.

The annual
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
held every October
is always an awesome event.

June, 2007

I created this wall hanging in
the "Plantasy" class taught
 by Marjan Kluepfel at the
Denver Quilt Show in May, 2007.

Applique, some bobbin work, and
decorative threads made it
fun and interesting!
Size: 37 x 22

Chili Peppers
Arlene Walsh Designs

Fabric for chilies was washed
 and twisted and allowed to dry.  
It was then smoothed until desired wrinkle amount and ironed to fusible interface.  Dimensional chilies were then applied to background.
Size: 21 x 39
May, 2007

I started this 17 x 12 frame in a
"Fabric Landscape" class taught
by Patricia Gould

I tried things I had never tried
before and learned to look at fabric
in a whole new way!

While not visible in the picture,
I decorated the hummingbird
with metallic thread.

May, 2006

Night Magic
by Patricia F. Heydt for
the NM Quilter's Association

June, 2005

Balloons cut from fabric plus our photos printed on fabric capture memories from the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  

Border quilting and center kokopelli were done with gold metallic thread.

Quilt Pattern:
Lightning Bug Lane
by Brenda Henning

May,  2005

This stained glass design
has a bright, colorful,
almost Tiffany,
look to it.

Wheel of Mystery
by John Flynn

April, 2005

This was sewn from a kit - fabric was preselected and precut.  To make up for not having to do the cutting, Cheryl managed to sew 80 pieces incorrectly while chain-piecing and had to rip them all apart (yuck!) and do them again.

Shadow of “Spirit”,
our Italian Greyhound

June, 2005

The image outline was enlarge from a scanned photo.  This was my first attempt at trapunto as taught by a member of the quilting group Cheryl belongs to.  The echo quilting around the image of the dog's head was a
first time effort as well.     

The Lone Sentinal

January, 2004

My first applique class taken at Southwest Decoratives!

While the Saguaro cactus is
indigenous to Arizona
 (our neighbor to the West),
the desert sunset is something
we have in common.

The fabric selection highlights this glorious feature of our area.

Window with a View

April, 2005

An appliqued piece
using fusible web.

May, 2004                                         July, 2004

Canine Corner
(Italian Greyhound)

My first paper-pieced project.  Pattern contains 81 pieces.
Finished size is an 8-inch block.
One on the left is ours.
One on the right was given to our daughter in memory of her dog.