This quilt is based on the
design by
Aie Rossmann
in her book
"Affairs of the Heart ".
Offered as a
block of the month
we covered 3 blocks
 a month.
"Affairs of the Heart"
Affairs of the Heart - "Affairs of the Heart "  design by Aie Rossmann
Machine applique using satin embroidery around a variety of fabrics
provides stunning results in these individual 7-inch blocks...

I started this project in
January and finished in December of 2006.

I only kept track of the
time I spent doing the
embroidery work which
amounted to 110 hours.

It measures 62 x 62.

Pictures of the
individual blocks
are shown below.

Cheryl spent a lot of time in the position seen at right >>>

The Affairs of the Heart Quilt was awarded the First Place Blue Ribbon at the New Mexico Fiber Arts Fiesta, for Traditional Pieced, Appliqued or Mixed Technique Quilts.